• Analytical Techniques: 
    Method and capability development, new techniques, sub-sampling and sample preparation, comparative analysis

  • Data Analysis and Statistics:
    Data analysis, treatment of uncertainties, software/tool/capability development, assessment methodologies/decision science

  • Environmental Science:
    Environmental sampling, geolocation, in-situ analysis

  • Materials and Processing: 
    Chemical impurities & speciation, physical properties of materials, material ageing effects (empirical), process development/optimisation, effects of process parameters on product, process & flowsheet modelling

  • Modelling and Simulation:
    Spent Fuel/Reactor modelling, enrichment modelling, material ageing effects (simulation)

  • Radiochemistry: 
    Radiological Analysis, analytical radiochemistry, age dating, radioisotope fingerprinting
Key dates

Abstract submission deadline:

28 August 2020

Registration deadline:

2 October 2020


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